Design and implementation of DALI protocol,
The company needs to have DALI protocol because their market (hospitality) is installing DALI lights. DALI gives the benefit that light points can be addressed and therefore can be controlled as a group and/or as an individual. Moreover, DALI is easy to wire and install. DALI can have diagnostics, such as determining which light points are not working so that the Maintenance Team can change them.
My work consisted by designing a control system for a DALI Master controller. The goal was to develop an embedded control system for the communication and control of DALI drivers. The system development is based on a microcontroller board that supports communication mechanism in real time. In our approach we have the DALI Ballast as a slave, the microcontroller as the master. The proposed control system under development contains most of the essential modules for ballast communication and dimming control.

Compétences mobilisées
Experience in English (report writing, communication in company and in everyday life)
Programing skills (C language on Atmel Studio 7)
Knowledge of DALI standard (IEC 62386 101/102/103 Parts)

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